"A Better Lure would be Illegal"

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Our Fishing Products


Our products were developed in the lakes of Mississippi. Developed specifically for bass fishing, our carefully chosen materials and products are made from years of fishing experience and a belief in quality and loyalty to our customers. 

We are Veteran Owned and Operated


 We are proud military veterans who are pleased to offer hand made lures that are made in Mississippi, however due to our current military obligations we are unable to offer an online shopping cart.  Please note that because of our obligations all orders may be delayed. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

How To Purchase


To purchase our lures you will need to fill out the form below. You will find a list of our spinnerbaits on our lures page. Payment can be made via paypal or check. Once we receive your order we will contact you with the total cost and our paypal information or mailing address. Orders will not be filled until paypal payment is made or the check has cleared.  

Additional Order Information

When placing an order you can use the order form below, email directly to oldriverlure@gmail.com, or call 601-259-4323

Remember to include the size and skirt color in your order, method of payment, and shipping address. We do not sell individual skirts or blades. These baits are custom made, therefore all sales are final. There are no returns or refunds. Baits are no longer individually packaged. 

Tax is included in the price and there is a standard shipping and handling fee of 7.95.

Typical shipping is 7-14 business days, but again due to military obligations orders may be delayed. 

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